Phone Sessions

Phone Sessions

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Format: 60 minutes by phone
Counselor: Mauricio Acevedo

Running aground in one or more of the four "staging areas" of experience—love, health, supply, and life direction? Field Project phone sessions provide a combination of philosophical counseling, facilitating, and coaching based on the principles and methods of the Field model designed to support clients as they shift from contradictions and suffering to alignment, relief, joy, peace, and greater fulfillment. Phone sessions also are useful for those who, while free of contradiction, are ready to take the next step in one or more of the four staging areas of life—love, health, supply, and life direction—but are unclear about what this involves. Phone sessions are a powerful, gentle, and respectful alternative to cognitive therapy that typically produces profound and lasting results commensurate with one's willingness. Sessions usually take about an hour, and rarely need to be repeated.

Field Project phone sessions are based on a wide range of philosophical counseling principles and practices developed by PhilosophyCenter and proven over decades of experience. Note that it is not necessary to have taken the Field Project Course to benefit from phone sessions.

Phone Sessions may be scheduled for individuals or couples.

After checkout, you'll receive a link to download confirmation instructions for scheduling your session and calling the Field Project phone bridge. Please note that you must respond and complete scheduling via email within three business days or reserving a session or your session will be canceled and your payment refunded.

In light of disclosures of the domestic surveillance activities of the National Security Agency of the United States including the warrantless tapping of phone conversations, we cannot guarantee the privacy and confidentiality of phone conversations beyond our own strict, internal standards.

Field counseling is educational rather than therapeutic and makes no therapeutic claims.

How Phone Sessions Work

During a Field Project phone session, a trained and certified philosophical facilitator helps the client to become more self-aware, resolve inner conflicts and contradictions, and identify better choices and directions, and thus to see his or her situation in a new, more enlightened way. This invaluable service may include:

  • exposing areas of contradiction, unexamined habit, and unwitting choice that have become self-defeating
  • pointing out where the client has denied some important truth, and so is set against life
  • identifying and articulating new and better choices based on a more profound apprehension of the truth of the situation, which frees the client from the exhausting and potentially damaging effects of longstanding contradiction and conflict.

Philosophical Counseling and Traditional Psychotherapy

Field counseling, like philosophical counseling in general, does not follow the therapeutic model of diagnosis and treatment, but uses educational methods based on viewing the client as a free agent capable of honest self-assessment and responsible choice through insight, understanding, and improved self-awareness.

Rather than treating patients, Field counseling aims to shed light on fundamental beliefs, assumptions, and values that are shaping the client's view of self and world.

For this reason, unlike traditional psychotherapy, it is not concerned with developmental issues, early trauma, or such psychological concepts as dysfunction, codependency, or addiction.

Furthermore, since psychotherapy typically involves extensive exploration of the client's past, often going back to childhood, it can require a lengthy commitment, often extending for years.

Field Project phone sessions, on the other hand, focus on the present and the immediate future in light of deep structures of meaning, belief, and values that inform and shape our experience in the world.

Because Field counseling works at such a deep level, resolution does not require longterm involvement. Commensurate with the client's willingness, results are typically quick, dramatic, and long-lasting.

Many clients find even a single phone session highly effective. Thus, even without insurance, Field counseling can be far more affordable than ongoing psychotherapy

Meet the Instructor

Mauricio Acevedo received his Master’s degree in Business Administration with special studies in international business from the University of Miami in 2000. Since then, he has been instrumental as a paradigm pioneering entrepreneur with a track record of successful ventures in the agriculture and technology sectors.

For example, Mauricio founded and directed Rieluc™—the leading flower production software/hardware system in the industry, currently used by 65% of the flower producers in Colombia. In November of 2008 through 2010, Mauricio cofounded Cambia Tu, a well-being and self-empowerment training company offering programs throughout Latin America based on the creative power of consciousness and the “law of attraction” principle, and a daily email subscriber base of 4,000, and a Miami-based Internet radio talk show that Mauricio produced and hosted.

Mauricio’s growing interest in consciousness as cause led him to study the works of Wayne Dyer, Abraham-Hicks, and other popular leaders of the New Age consciousness-as-cause movement, and eventually the Field Project Course, which he took in 2008, subsequently attending the Field Project’s Waves of Change Conference—in 2009, 2010, and 2011.

During these intensives, working closely with the Field Project’s founder, Philip Golabuk, Mauricio demonstrated a grasp of a radically different approach to the creative power of consciousness, one that begins where the New Age method ends, as well as a passion for self-work and a receptivity to instruction that distinguished him immediately.

In 2013, Mauricio acquired the Field Project, which is continuing its important work in applied philosophy under his directorship. Mauricio is fluent in his native Spanish and English.


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