Aligned Parenting

Aligned Parenting

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This beautifully illustrated, 80-page curriculum is designed to help parents apply Field Project principles and practices to child rearing. Over the eight weeks of the self-study course, students learn the art of conscious parenting, which allows children to enjoy the local and nonlocal benefits of their parents' alignment. Use of these methods encourages spontaneity and self-expression, creativity, closeness, and a greater sense of well-being and ease for both parent and child. Aligned Parenting (AP) provides invaluable instruction for the student who wishes to bring the force of creative consciousness into the circle of his or her role as parent. The benefits of the practices covered in the AP Study Guide are profound. Followed consistently, they have the power to transform how parents and children see and feel about each other and themselves.

The AP eight-week program:

  • explains how to use Field model principles and practices in parenting, such as radical respect, radical responsibility, and letting go
  • discusses what children need in order to develop their will and a clearly defined sense of Particle identity
  • shows parents how to speak the "magical" language native to children
  • examines the central role of truthfulness in helping children to remain free of contradiction
  • sheds new light on the problem of "the willful child," its causes in consciousness, and what to do about it

Aligned Parenting includes:

  • eight weekly lessons in a beautifully designed and illustrated 80-page digital Study Guide in Adobe PDF format
  • unlimited email support from the Field Project during the eight weeks
  • of AP study

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Introduction to Aligned Parenting

Week 1
Radical Responsibility
Children as Manifestation Limitations of Radical Responsibility
Discerning the Correspondence
Recognizing Your Prevailing Mood
Dreamwalking and Core Questions
Exercise: The Child as Messenger

Week 2
Radical Respect
Radical Respect:
Children in Their Own Right
If Women Are From Venus and Men Are From Mars, Children Are From Mercury
Exercise: The Child of Another

Week 3
Fairy Tales
Blessings and Curses
Applying Magical Lessons
A Necessary Precaution for
Dealing with Magical Beings
Exercise: Magic Words

Week 4
Will and Willingness
The Development of a Healthy Will
Three Common Errors
Exercise: Beyond Reaction

Week 5
Telling the Truth
Why It’s So Important to Tell Children the Truth
Adult Truth or Child Truth?
The Truth vs. The Whole Truth
Protection and Contradiction
Exercise: Telling the Truth

Week 6
Letting Go
What Does Letting Go Mean?
Letting Go Is An Inside Job
Letting Go and Radical Responsibility
Letting Go and Radical Respect
Letting Go and Closeness
Tips for Letting Go
The Power of Believing In
Exercise: An Unscheduled Day

Week 7
The Aligned Parent
Being Cannot Be Denied
Intending, Speaking, Acting
The Problem with Insisting
Staying Present
Exercise: Sharing Alignment

Week 8
In Closing

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