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The Course

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The Field Project's Course takes consciousness-as-cause to a new depth, in an eight-week, self-study program (available both in PDF and MP3 audio form). The Course will show you how to:

  • recognize beliefs that might be unwittingly working against your desires
  • stop reacting to situations and start listening to the messages and instructions hidden in them
  • discover the creative power of responsibility
  • recognize and experience that we are more than what we see in the mirror
  • ask self-questions that will radically transform your life

Benefits of Study

Students who have taken the Field Project Course report:

  • remarkable timings and fulfillments
  • a new sense of peace and security
  • renewed energy and vitality
  • greater confidence
  • improved creativity
  • a clearer sense of purpose and direction
  • a feeling of partnership with life
  • a deeper appreciation for being alive

You can apply the principles and practices of the Course right away to any or all of the staging areas of experience: love (friendship and family), health, supply (all forms), and life direction (including work, career, and larger sense of purpose).

What You Get

Field Project students around the world are discovering the power and joy of conscious creating, and so can you! When you become a Field Project student by purchasing the Course (English version), you'll receive:

  • eight weekly Course lessons in broadcast-quality MP3 audio format with over three and a half hours of content
  • a beautifully illustrated, 130-page Study Guide in PDF format for follow-along with the audio tracks, self-paced study, and review
  • The Course Companion, a 155-page ebook in Adobe PDF format written by our founder and author of the Course, Philip Golabuk, to accompany you during and after Course study with inspired essays and meditations that explore subtle aspects of Field theory and practice
  • unlimited email support from the Field Project during your eight weeks of Course study. Note: To be eligible for support, students must provide their name and email address

If you've been drawn to other consciousness-as-cause models, then this is a must-have program for you. Many students who spent years practicing Seth, Science of Mind, A Course in Miracles, Abraham, Louise Hay, Deepak Chopra, and others describe the Field Project Course as "the next step," "the gold standard of consciousness studies," and the "graduate school of consciousness-as cause."

The Course comes with The Course Companion, a beautiful 155-page ebook in Adobe PDF format written by our founder and designed to accompany you during and after Course study with inspired essays and meditations that explore subtle aspects of Field theory and practice. Read at your own pace or select an essay at random for surprising insight. A great resource that takes the discussion of consciousness-as-cause to a new level.

Once you complete your purchase, you'll receive an email with a link you can use to download the Course in Adobe Adobe PDF format and MP3 Audio Format. Begin your study today!

Includes both MP3 audio and Adobe PDF versions for self-paced learning and The Course Companion.
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The Field Project: Origins

Week 1
A Lesson From the New Physics • Where is the Self? The Question of Locality • Desire and Intention • Radical Responsibility and Unwitting Choice • The Principle of Correspondence • The “Four Noble Truths” of Field Practice • Experiencing an Expansion of Awareness

Week 2
Intending Deliberately •Counterintending • Willingness and Identity • Beginning At the End and Staying There • Contradictions of Ontological Principle

Week 3
The Decisive Question • Dreamwalking • Themewalking • Stillness is All

Week 4
Persistence of Vision• The Problem and the Solution are the Same • Staying Poised • Everything Happens Backwards• The World as Mirror

Week 5
The Many-Worlds Model• The “Magic Eye” • Seeing Through Beliefs • Retro-Proving the Desired Self

Week 6
Time and Uncertainty • Deliberate Intending is Body Work • Who Knows What’s Good Or Bad? A Story • The Field is Left-Handed • Something Small Moves Something Great

Week 7
Revising The Past • The Useful Uncertainty of the Past • How Revising the Past Works • Summoning the Future • Shifting As Initiation • Co-Creation and The Field’s “Will”

Week 8
Core Questions • The Problem Incognito • Radical Self-Trust • Closing Comments

Support Materials
Points for Practice • Glossary • Suggested Reading

Student Reviews

"This takes the conversation about how we create our reality to a whole new level. The best thing out there on the subject."

"I've studied the new physics and Abraham and other things for many years. The Field Project is the light of the candle."

"Leaves The Secret in the dust."

"I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for the profound impact you've had on my life over the years I've delighted in the Field Project materials. I could lose 35 years of accumulated self-development resources—over 6,000 books—and would be happy to replace them all with just the Field Project curriculum."

"I listened to Week One last night and started reading REALITIES, and all I can say is 'Wow!' I've been studying and teaching New Thought for most of my life and already you've answered questions I've had for at least a decade that had never been answered." 

"Field practice is an endless journey; showing us new things when we think we know everything."

"I just wanted to thank you. The Course is the most powerful and liberating thing I've ever encountered. I tend to get discouraged easily when I don't understand something, so I've listened to the first few tracks about 50 times already, and each time I understand the concepts more and more and realize why I've been misaligned for the past two years—since my so called spiritual path began. This stuff is absolutely amazing."

“A remarkable, life-changing experience."

“I’m thoroughly enjoying the Course and feel I’m making great strides. Positive things have happened recently in my career that cannot be a mere coincidence. Thanks for putting together a fantastic course!”

"My business is taking wild, fantastic turns—people appearing in my life with incredible timing; money showing up in just the right amount when I need it; phone calls out of the blue giving me invaluable information—[this is] blowing my mind.”

“Field practice is life-changing. It feels as though I’ve discovered a huge room in my mind that I didn’t know was there all along.”

“I was angry in nearly every area of my life. Field practice has cleared the way for a new understanding after my first class. The Field is the best place I’ve ever lived.”

“Three people I recently referred took the Course and all have had glowing experiences as a result. Personally, I continue to have life-changing demonstrations. It was the next step in my life’s journey."

“Makes living an adventure again!”

“Field practice has steered me back toward a life of loving, compassionate responsibility (that was always there), while rekindling the spirit of magic in my heart that I knew as a child. I’m grateful.”

“Every aspect of my life changed: relationships improved, doors were opened, things that had been stagnant began to move. The best thing I have ever done!”

“As I was driving around this weekend, I was thinking about how different I feel since taking the Course, really like a different person. (I’m sure you hear that all the time.) I feel truly alive in a way I never did before.”

“The most challenging and rewarding course I’ve taken. If life is like a tree, then Field practice is its roots. My intentions continue to render before my eyes. I have new clients close to home, more money, greater peace and freedom, and a better partnership. It is gratifying to reinvent myself.”

“I can’t tell you how absolutely liberating this [practice] is. I’ve given myself permission to be as lavishly extravagant as my imagination will allow. What freedom!”

“Amazing. I love my new life.”

“The philosophical wisdom of Field theory and practice allowed me to release a paralyzing belief that was holding my life hostage. The sensation of inner freedom and inspiration is delicious!”

Usage and Support

The Course is the exclusive intellectual property of the Field Project and protected by U.S. and international copyright law, and cannot legally be copied, shared, or otherwise distributed by any third party.

While we do not use digital rights management (DRM), activation schemes, or password protection to enforce intellectual property rights, and even have opted to dispense with an End User License Agreement, please note that we provide support only to those students who have obtained the Course legitimately through the Field Project and whose names and email address are listed in our student database.

Note: To be eligible for support, students must provide the Field Project with their name and email address. We do continue to support Life Partners sharing the Course, and who have provided their names and email addresses for inclusion in our student database.

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