The Course Live

The Course Live

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The Course Live  provides a new way for our students to complement the Course self-study—with live, one-on-one classes designed to deliver the many benefits of working with a teacher, allowing students to review and deepen their understanding of Field principles and practice.

Led by the Field Project’s director, Mauricio Acevedo, The Course Live is an eight-week class designed to ensure that the student gets the most out of the Course through live interaction with a teacher, Q&A, facilitating, and more.

Each week we'll go over the concepts presented in the Course for clarification of both the theory and its practical application.

The Course Live is available either one-on-one as an individual study (schedule to be determined by you and your teacher's availability), or as a small group class (maximum 10 students). Pick you desired group size in the dropdown menu above.

For individual study students, the teacher will contact you to set up the best time and dates for study, once your purchase is confirmed.

For group class, the dates for our next class are: 
Every Thursday from 7:30 to 8:30 PM Eastern Standard Time
Classes start on Thursday May 2nd and meet weekly until June 20th 2019
Registration deadline: 1st of May, midnight Eastern

The Course Live Advantage

The Course Live format offers great advantages, including:

  • focused, individual instruction or small group setting
  • start studying sooner—no need to wait for seasonal scheduling (when choosing the one-on-one option)
  • after hours, distant time zone, and "skip a week" flexibility (when choosing the one-on-one option)

Students Comments

"Thank you for the class. It was amazing. My life is no longer the same. There is a flow of ease, beauty, and fun that was missing. The universe is a friendly place—something I didn't see before.  I'm deeply grateful. Thank you for doing what you do. It makes a difference in the world."

"What a life I'm living! Even only a moment of pause and conscious awareness of my freedom to choose—"big" things, "small" things—and all of a sudden life reforms and expands all over again. Tonight I have such a sense of openness about what may happen next and such a sense of security that all is well. Lovely."

"I'm so grateful for the time we worked together. I feel blessed to have had such a wonderful opportunity to reassess my life and my fundamental belief system."


"Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!"

"Thank you giving me an amazing gift of experiencing happiness, joy, gratitude, and fulfillment in the moment. Thank you for teaching me the practice of allowing. I'm feeling now that the new identity has me, and I just left my office smiling as never before."

"Since I was seventeen, my life has been a spiritual quest. I have taken many course, but for me, iStudy is the mother of all courses! I went from being bewildered to being overjoyed, and the best way I can describe it  is to say that magic happened. Being willing to take that first small step into the unknown brought the Field thundering in with Its ineffable goodness and love. Each session became a moment of grace. As we went through the four staging areas, I learned the importance of being self-friendly. I had moments of great awareness in which I came to see that my life until now had been in many ways a dream, and gradually I began to awaken to the new me in a new reality in a new universe where I will never be the same. All that's left to say is: Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

"I spent several years studying creative reality before I found the Field Project. During those years, I was able to get close to my desires but never quite inhabit them. Now, I've stopped looking in at my house from the sidewalk. I'm no longer interested in hanging out in hallways or staircases. I've finally come home to a place where I can rest in fulfillment."

"I've found everything I need in this practice."

“Because it's direct, one on one study, was the most penetrating and powerful of all the Field Project classes I've taken. It allowed me to step into who I wanted to be in key areas of my life. I count it as the most rewarding time I've ever spent and even recommended to several close friends who signed up and felt the same way. I went into the session unclear about what I wanted in the area of life's purpose. By the start of the third week, however, I was crystal clear about who I was and what my life was for. The earlier doubt and uncertainty seemed like a distant memory from someone else's life. This left the remaining five weeks for exploring the daily events of my life with a precision that was extremely powerful for me. Many wonderful things came out of those weeks but the one that stays with me every day is the shift I made from 'doing things right' to 'doing things well.' This one shift alone has brought profound joy and comfort.”

“The class has been an extraordinary experience for me every time I've done it. The session last fall taught me the simple art of telling the truth, inviting me to do this in the area of love partnership, and the most amazing thing happened. What wasn't working fell away, I lived in the joy of what I wanted and the wonder of every day connection, and out of the blue the most beautiful relationship showed up in my life.”

“It was like having a treasure map to know that if I had a question about the path I'm on, iStudy could dispel the fog so the way became clear. I looked forward to every session, and recommend this highly.“

“We had such an awesome class today. It's lovely the way the weekly calls build on each other. I experienced a core shift around self-love. The problem had seemed so real—and then so not real. Just wonderful.

Terms of Study

Over the years, we've established the following Terms of Study to ensure that students receive the greatest benefit from their work with us, and to preserve the integrity of our curriculum and programs.

1. The student should call in each week to the link provided by the Field Project.

2. Classes are scheduled to take place over consecutive weeks. Given the flexibility of the format, however, either the student or the instructor may reschedule a given week with a minimum of two days notice (in the case of one-on-one study), up to a maximum of two classes per session. Rescheduled meetings are added to the end of the schedule. If a student misses two rescheduled classes in a row, the missed class cannot be made up and will not be added to the schedule.

3. Students may sign up for The Course Live as often as they wish.

4. The student should arrange to connect with the call bridge provided by the Field Project a few minutes before the start of the call each week and be free to stay the entire hour.

5. All students of the Field Project are required to maintain an attitude of respect for the instructor and for each other, and to refrain from polemics, sarcasm, profanity, and any other inappropriate forms of expression during the call or in emails or other forms of study-related communication. The failure to honor this requirement may result in loss of access to the phone bridge, Field Project support, and eligibility for future enrollments.

6. Phone bridge numbers and PIN access codes are to be kept confidential and used only during the session in which the student is enrolled.

By registering, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to abide by these terms.

Please note that we accept a limited number of enrollments at any given time, and that registration is not guaranteed until it's confirmed by email from the Field Project. Calling the Field Project phone bridge may incur standard toll charges on your phone bill depending on your long distance service agreement.

Meet the Instructor

Mauricio Acevedo received his Master’s degree in Business Administration with special studies in international business from the University of Miami in 2000. Since then, he has been instrumental as a paradigm pioneering entrepreneur with a track record of successful ventures.

In November of 2008 through 2010, Mauricio cofounded Cambia Tu, a well-being and self-empowerment training company offering programs throughout Latin America based on the creative power of consciousness and the “law of attraction” principle, and a daily email subscriber base of 4,000, and a Miami-based Internet radio talk show that Mauricio produced and hosted.

Mauricio’s growing interest in consciousness as cause led him to study the works of Wayne Dyer, Abraham-Hicks, and other popular leaders of the New Age consciousness-as-cause movement, and eventually the Field Project Course, which he took in 2008, subsequently attending the Field Project’s Waves of Change Conference—in 2009, 2010, and 2011.

During these intensives, working closely with the Field Project’s founder, Philip Golabuk, Mauricio demonstrated a grasp of a radically different approach to the creative power of consciousness, one that begins where the New Age method ends, as well as a passion for self-work and a receptivity to instruction that distinguished him immediately.

In 2013, Mauricio acquired the Field Project, which is continuing its important work in applied philosophy under his directorship. Mauricio is fluent in his native Spanish and English.

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