The Project

Our Story

The Field Project, is an educational forum offering a unique curriculum for practicing joyful awareness, conscious creating, and shifting into more aligned states of identity. During the four years following the Field Project's birth, our founder, Philip Golabuk, “witnessed a lifetime of study, formal training, and investigation gathering like a storm into a remarkable curriculum,” and in the fall of 1997, we offered the Course for the first time to a small group of students. Our aim was to correct the oversimplifications, confusions, and misconceptions pervasive in the New Age literature about how personal consciousness “creates reality” in the world, particularly with respect to the whole notion of "manifestation," as we recognized that these errors in thinking and practice had cost many people dearly. Enrollment grew rapidly, and today we are proud to support students in 75 countries.

How We're Different

Our model acknowledges certain paradoxes of consciousness that other models do not, the most significant being that if we attempt to create conditions to fulfill desire, whether through acting on the world directly or through consciousness techniques such as visualization or affirmation, we’re immediately caught in a contradiction that interferes with the desired manifestation. Field theory sidesteps this paradox by teaching that “the aim of intending is alignment, not manifestation.” We remain aligned, and let the facts take care of themselves rather than attempting to create a desired condition, The method is based solely on the creative power of identity, and on consciously recasting the Particle self, on release of the will in willingness, acceptance, and stillness.

Why People Study With Us

Many come to the Field Project after years of following some spiritual path or other, because they have a deep sense that something’s still missing. It may be showing up in one or more staging areas of life that remain unfulfilled, a general feeling of incompletion, or even homesickness. Often, they’ve studied Seth, A Course in Miracles, Science of Mind, Abraham, Neville, Chopra—the list goes on—but they still feel a “divine discontent.” They know there’s more.

All of these models miss the essential gesture of deliberate creatorship—namely, a wholehearted and undistracted immersion in the creative moment for its own sake, an unconditional giving of self to the ideal. The techniques and methods they offer invariably aim at creating a desired outer fact, e.g., prosperity, romantic partnership, improved health, and so on. In short, the focus is always on changing the world. The Field model, on the other hand, recognizes that conscious creating is first and last about the self, about identity, and not about worldly conditions at all. It begins with a longing, not to have more, but to be more. Further, changing consciousness in order to change the world implicates us in a contradiction that all but ensures failure.

Field practice is a path of wholeheartedness. It calls for a certain virtuosity of creative authority, so that we remain poised in a stance of inner friendship and agreement, and the war between desire and belief finally can end.

Our Founder

Philip Golabuk completed his bachelor's and master's degrees in philosophy at the University of Florida with special studies in phenomenology, metaphysics, existentialism, and theory of knowledge having worked closely with the late Drs. James Millikan, a phenomenologist, and Thomas Hanna, a pioneer in somatics.

During the years from 1973-1993, Philip taught philosophy at the college level and as part of a special educational outreach program to inmates in jail and prison, and also wrote several books in applied philosophy that were published in the U.S. and overseas in translation.

In 1993, he founded PhilosophyCenter, subsequently developing numerous curricula in practical philosophy as well as unique philosophical facilitating, counseling, and coaching models and methods. Philip is certified in Re-Evaluation Counseling and a member of the National Philosophical Counseling Association.

Our Director

Mauricio Acevedo received his Master’s degree in Business Administration with special studies in international business from the University of Miami in 2000. Since then, he has been instrumental as a paradigm pioneering entrepreneur with a track record of successful ventures in the agriculture and technology sectors. For example, Mauricio founded and directed Rieluc™—the leading flower production software/hardware system in the industry, currently used by 65% of the flower producers in Colombia.

In November of 2008 through 2010, Mauricio cofounded Cambia Tu, a well-being and self-empowerment training company offering programs throughout Latin America based on the creative power of consciousness and the “law of attraction” principle, and a daily email subscriber base of 4,000, and a Miami-based Internet radio talk show that Mauricio produced and hosted.

Mauricio’s growing interest in consciousness as cause led him to study the works of Wayne Dyer, Abraham-Hicks, and other popular leaders of the New Age consciousness-as-cause movement, and eventually the Field Project Course, which he took in 2008, subsequently attending the Field Project’s Waves of Change Conference—in 2009, 2010, and 2011.

During these intensives, working closely with the Field Project’s founder, Philip Golabuk, Mauricio demonstrated a grasp of a radically different approach to the creative power of consciousness, one that begins where the New Age method ends, as well as a passion for self-work and a receptivity to instruction that distinguished him immediately. In 2013,

Mauricio acquired the Field Project, which is continuing its important work in applied philosophy under his directorship. Mauricio is fluent in his native Spanish and English.