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The Field Project AudioSeries, written and narrated by the Field Project's founder and author of the Course, Philip Golabuk, takes a fascinating look at the paradoxical nature of Particle and Field in its dual aspects of identity and relationship. 

The first program of the series, Move No Mountain: The Paradox of Faith explores the more startling implications of this paradox and how they affect practice. Understanding the identity aspect of Field/Particle ensures that the Field student will not lapse into "exporting creative authority" to some imagined, external force. This program also includes a guided meditation in which the student is led through the steps of deliberate intending to an experience of alignment.

The second program, The Conversation: In Partnership with the Field, examines the equally important relationship aspect of Particle and Field, without which the idea of the self as creator of its reality may lead the student to slip into excessive subjectivity or "solipsism," deny the world and others the mysterious reality of their otherness, and miss the golden opportunity for encounter with the nonlocal. No understanding of Field theory or practice is complete without a grasp of both aspects—identity and relationship, since it is this incorporation of paradox in both the theory and practice that sets the Field model apart from the New Age approach to the subject of consciousness-as-cause.

AudioSeries Tracks

Move No Mountain:
The Paradox of Faith

  • The Way to Paradise
  • What Faith Isn't
  • Wholeheartedness
  • Faith and Desire
  • A Guided Meditation
  • Beyond the Paradox

The Conversation:
In Partnership with the Field

  • Am I Alone Here?
  • The Two-In-One
  • I and Thou
  • The Element of Surprise
  • The Eternal Friend
  • In Collaboration with
  • the Field

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