Field Coaching

Field Coaching

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Field Coaching is a beautifully illustrated, 54-page curriculum that presents the same principles and methods used by Field Project Coaches in actual coaching sessions, all in a convenient self-study format. Eight weekly lessons teach our unique approach to life coaching based on the Field Project Course, the Socratic method, and basic principles of informal logic. Help friends and family identify and resolve contradictions and make self-friendlier choices.

Field Coaching provides the principles and practices you'll need to help others:

  • identity hidden contradictions that are at the root of suffering
  • effect a natural and effortless transition from "immersion" to a new awareness of previously unwitting beliefs
  • discover "outside the box" thinking that clarifies new and better choices
  • experience relief and profound change in even a single session

How Field Coaching Differs from Traditional Life Coaching

Field Coaching is based on Field model principles, the most important of which is that our reality corresponds to the choices we make, wittingly or unwittingly, about who we are and “how things are,” or what’s real. Consequently, it aims to shed light on these choices rather than on the quantifiable results that flow inevitably from them. So, for example, while traditional life coaching might focus on helping someone manage his or her time more efficiently, reduce or eliminate clutter, move up the career ladder faster, restore self-esteem, or be a better parent, Field Coaching examines the usually unexamined beliefs, assumptions, and conclusions that are creating and sustaining the need for such goals, for these beliefs, assumptions, and conclusions are the true cause of whatever situation needs improving. Once a better belief is in place, a better reality follows effortlessly and inevitably. Field Coaching, then, is ontological rather than psychological. It deals not just with making better choices (all life coaching does this much), but with making better choices about who we are and what’s real. As Field Coaching works with the deepest and most influential beliefs that we can hold—beliefs about identity and reality—results are typically quick, dramatic, and lasting.

Field Coaching includes:

  • eight weekly lessons in a beautifully designed and illustrated 54-page digital Study Guide in Adobe PDF format
  • unlimited email support from the Field Project during the eight weeks of FC study

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Week 1
The Basics
Radical Respect for the Client
No Agenda • The Power of Belief
Alignment: Making Friendlier Choices • Radical Responsibility and Unwitting Choice • Boomerangs of Correspondence
The Role of Emotion • On Stance
A Word About the Socratic Method
Ontological Argument • Immersion and Surfacing • How It Works

Week 2
The Conversation
The Conversation Starts Here
Informed Consent •  The Framework: Informal Logic
Implication, Arguments, and Soundness

Week 3
Recognizing Assumptions and Implications • Working with Assumptions and Implications

Week 4
Common Fallacies | Ambiguity, Relevance, Presumption • Case Studies

Week 5
Case Studies

Week 6
Case Studies • Pop Quiz
Reductio Ad Absurdum

Week 7
Retro-Proving • Revealing Questions • Other Things to Look For • The Conversation Road Map

Week 8

Coaching Notes

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