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Master Class

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Master Class: The "Flaw of Attraction" with Our Founder

What’s the one thing about practice that it’s most important to sort out? Here’s a hint: “Manifestation is involuntary.” If you’ve been struggling with what our founder Philip Golabuk has dubbed the “flaw of attraction,” you’ll be excited to hear that the Field Project and Philosophy Center have teamed up to offer an eight-week Master Class in Field practice led by Philip that takes on this very issue.

If you’ve been struggling with your practice, it’s all but a sure bet that the problem has to do with your beliefs, assumptions, and expectations around manifestation.

The clarifications offered in this class correct most of what’s “out there” on the subject, and will help you take charge of your practice in a new way. 

Some of the topics we’ll be covering in depth are:

  • If alignment is the aim of practice, is manifestation irrelevant?
  • Is there anything to the so-called “feel it real” movement?
  • Why can’t I get deliberate intending to work?
  • Is outer reality objective or subjective?
  • I can slip into alignment easily, but how do I stay aligned?
  • How to use Many Worlds in practice
  • and more!

For experienced Field Project students who are ready for a “deep dive” that will take their understanding and practice to a new level, in collaboration with Philip Golabuk, founder of both Philosophy Center and the Field Project and author of the Course, we're excited to offer this unprecedented eight-week Master Class.

Dealing in depth with the “flaw of attraction,” Philip will provide essential direction on extricating ourselves from the subtle adverse effects of “vibrational” approaches to consciousness-as-cause, gain new insight into why a focus on manifestation is a self-defeating distraction, and much more.

Expect a paradigm-changing experience and a more advanced engagement with the material than ever before.

Note that Course completion is prerequisite.

Dates for the master class are: 
Every Tuesday from 6:00 to 7:00 PM Eastern Standard Time
Classes start on Tuesday March 26th and meet weekly until May 14th 2019
Registration deadline: 25 March, midnight Eastern

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Terms of Study

Over the years, we've established the following Terms of Study to ensure that students receive the greatest benefit from their work with us, and to preserve the integrity of our curriculum and programs.

1. The student should call in each week to the link provided by the Field Project.

2. Classes are scheduled to take place over consecutive weeks. Given the flexibility of the format, however, either the student or the instructor may reschedule a given week with a minimum of two days notice (in the case of one-on-one study), up to a maximum of two classes per session. Rescheduled meetings are added to the end of the schedule. If a student misses two rescheduled classes in a row, the missed class cannot be made up and will not be added to the schedule.

3. Students may sign up for The Course Live as often as they wish.

4. The student should arrange to connect with the call bridge provided by the Field Project a few minutes before the start of the call each week and be free to stay the entire hour.

5. All students of the Field Project are required to maintain an attitude of respect for the instructor and for each other, and to refrain from polemics, sarcasm, profanity, and any other inappropriate forms of expression during the call or in emails or other forms of study-related communication. The failure to honor this requirement may result in loss of access to the phone bridge, Field Project support, and eligibility for future enrollments.

6. Phone bridge numbers and PIN access codes are to be kept confidential and used only during the session in which the student is enrolled.

By registering, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to abide by these terms.

Please note that we accept a limited number of enrollments at any given time, and that registration is not guaranteed until it's confirmed by email from the Field Project. Calling the Field Project phone bridge may incur standard toll charges on your phone bill depending on your long distance service agreement.

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