One Hundred Days

One Hundred Days

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One Hundred Days is a daily reader and reference designed to help you stay aligned throughout the year. It also can be used as an oracle in the tradition of the ancient I Ching to tap deeper currents of consciousness and intention.

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From the Introduction:

"Welcome to One Hundred Days (OHD), a resource designed to help you stay aligned, especially when the world seems to be doing all it can to test that alignment. There are two ways to use the material in the pages that follow:

Daily Reference

Refer to OHD each day, perhaps first thing in the morning, following the sequence of days from whatever day you begin through a total of one hundred days. Then take 21 days off, away from the material. At the end of this break, start over with Day One, followed by another 21-day hiatus. Repeat this for the third hundred days of the year, with a final 21 days off afterward. When you’ve completed the year, we suggest that you leave off the Daily Readings schedule and use the Synchronicity Method described below.


To consult OHD as an oracle, one must approach it in a spirit of respect and receptivity. It should not be used as a “magic eight-ball,” for as the I Ching states: “If he asks twice, he importunes; if he importunes, I give him no answers.” Sit in stillness for a few minutes with your eyes closed. Take some slow, deep breaths. When you feel deeply calm and relaxed, think about whatever concerns you, then open your eyes and turn at random to any page in OHD and read the first entry you notice. If it isn’t immediately clear how the reading is relevant to your situation, give it a little time. Rather than “figuring out” how the entry applies, wonder about it. Take it to heart and let it work on you. Note that in using OHD as an oracle, we do not export authority to it, but use it as a mirror to reflect deep and subtle currents of our consciousness."

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